Old School RuneScape Cooking Guide

Swift and Efficient OSRS Cooking Training

Cooking is one of the fastest and easiest skills to master in Oldschool RuneScape (OSRS), making it a popular choice for players targeting their first level 99. This guide will detail the most efficient, quickest methods for training Cooking, along with a few alternative methods for more casual or profit-focused gameplay.

Fastest OSRS Cooking Experience

The quickest path to achieving 99 Cooking in OSRS involves a two-step process, centered on Karambwans:

Levels 1-30: Poison Karambwan

1-tick cooking raw Karambwan into Poison Karambwan is the most expedient method from levels 1 to 30. To 1-tick cook them, hold down “1” and use the raw Karambwans on a range or fire. This method demands tick manipulation techniques to be the fastest. Otherwise, cooking fish is a better alternative. To reach level 30, you’ll need to cook 168 Poison Karambwans.

Levels 30-99: Cooked Karambwan

1-tick cooking Karambwans is the fastest cooking experience in OSRS. At maximum efficiency, around 5,000 Karambwans can be cooked per hour, providing close to 1 million experience points. This method assumes you are utilizing instant banking at Mor Ui Rek or the Myths Guild. Without employing tick manipulation, the experience rates drop to around 285,000 experience per hour.

Alternative Cooking Methods in OSRS

For those not interested in employing tick manipulation techniques due to their high click intensity and attention requirements, here are some alternative training methods:

Levels 1-99: Cooking Fish

Cooking fish offers a reliable alternative for those not aiming for the fastest experience rates. Since experience isn’t earned when burning fish, completing the Family Crest quest to obtain cooking gauntlets is recommended to reduce the burn rate of higher-tier fish such as Anglerfish, Monkfish, Swordfish, Shark, and Lobsters.

Additionally, securing 100% favor in Hosidius is beneficial. Using the range in the Hosidius Kitchen provides a 5% increased chance of successfully cooking food. In the Hosidius Kitchen, players can cook up to around 1365 fish per hour.

Levels 35/68-99: Jugs of Wine

This is a buyable method of training cooking and will cost money. However, it delivers fairly quick experience, with players expecting rates of around 470,000 to 490,000 per hour. Jugs of Wine can be produced by adding grapes to jugs of water to make unfermented wines. After 12 seconds, they will ferment into wines and grant the corresponding amount of experience.

From level 68 onwards, players no longer run the risk of producing a jug of bad wine. If a bad jug is made, no experience is granted, much like burning food.

Best Cooking Locations in OSRS

The fixed cooking time for a full inventory of fish is 67.2 seconds, without tick manipulation. The only variable that can be optimized to increase experience rates is the banking time. Below are the top places for cooking in OSRS, taking into account proximity to a bank and the type of cooking spot (fire or range).

Myths’ Guild

The Myths’ Guild, which requires completion of the Dragon Slayer II quest to access, offers instant banking. The stove and the bank chest are directly adjacent, 0 tiles apart. Moreover, cooking on a stove results in a lower chance of burning food compared to a fire.

Mor Ul Rek

Mor Ul Rek requires a fire cape to enter. There’s a sulfur vent, which can be used for cooking, located directly across from a bank chest, allowing for instant banking. However, only fish or meat can be cooked here.

Rogues’ Den

The Rogues’ Den is easily accessible via a games necklace teleport to Burthorpe, then go into the pub’s cellar. This location offers instant banking. However, the cooking spot is a fire, which doesn’t have the same burning prevention as the range in the Myths’ Guild.

Hosidius Kitchen

The Hosidius Kitchen, requiring 100% Hosidius favor to use, is 6 tiles away from the closest bank. It offers a 5% reduced chance to burn your food, which can increase to a 10% reduced chance with completion of the elite Kourend Diary.

Wintertodt Camp

The Wintertodt Camp is easy to access and only 8 tiles from the nearest bank. Here, there’s an everlasting fire.

Lumbridge Castle

Lumbridge Castle is a good choice for early-game training due to its accessibility, as it has probably the most accessible range in OSRS. It also offers reduced burn rates. However, it’s 22 tiles away from the nearest bank, which makes it a less than ideal location for training at higher levels when access to better locations is available.

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