Old School RuneScape Fletching Guide

The world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a captivating and complex one, laden with various skills that a player can master. Among these skills is Fletching – an art, a trade, and a feat of manual dexterity that’s often overlooked in favor of more combat-oriented skills. Notwithstanding, the skill of Fletching carries its own distinctive appeal and advantages. Thus, we venture into this comprehensive OSRS Fletching guide.

Unraveling the Art of Fletching

First and foremost, let’s elucidate what Fletching is. In essence, it is the skill that enables you to create ranged weaponry. From arrows and bows to darts and crossbows, all require a deft touch and the skill of Fletching. This skill can be a wonderful source of income and can significantly enhance your experience in the game.

Beginning Your Fletching Journey: Levels 1-20

Level 1-5: Arrow Shafts

Kickstarting your Fletching journey, you’ll begin with crafting arrow shafts from regular logs. This humble start is where every great fletcher takes their first step. Here’s a basic table of what you’ll need:

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Arrow Shafts 1 5 77

Level 5-10: Shortbows

Once you reach level 5, the realm of shortbow crafting becomes accessible. Here, you switch from regular logs to oak logs. This level requires slightly more resources but promises better experience in return.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Shortbow (u) 5 16.5 154

Level 10-20: Longbows

As you progress further, you graduate to longbow crafting at level 10. Still using oak logs, longbows yield more experience and help you level up faster.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Longbow (u) 10 25 332

Advancing Your Craft: Levels 20-65

Level 20-35: Oak Longbows

On reaching level 20, the crafting of complete oak longbows begins. This is a significant milestone, as it signals your advancement into a proficient fletcher.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Oak Longbow 25 41.5 583

Level 35-50: Willow Shortbows to Longbows

Progressing further, willow logs become your primary resource from levels 35 to 50. Transitioning from shortbows to longbows as you level up, the experience gain increases substantially.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Willow Shortbow (u) 35 33.3 889
Willow Longbow (u) 40 41.5 946

Level 50-65: Maple Shortbows to Longbows

The journey from level 50 to 65 is marked by the shift to maple logs. The increase in the level of logs used offers greater experience and profit.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Maple Shortbow (u) 50 50 2,606
Maple Longbow (u) 55 58.3 2,639

Mastering Fletching: Levels 65-99

Level 65-70: Yew Shortbows

From level 65 onwards, yew logs are the resource of choice. Commencing with yew shortbows, this stage signals your journey towards mastery.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Yew Shortbow (u) 65 67.5 4,868

Level 70-80: Yew Longbows to Magic Shortbows

From levels 70 to 80, the crafting evolves from yew longbows to magic shortbows, yielding more experience and higher returns.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Yew Longbow (u) 70 75 13,019
Magic Shortbow (u) 80 83.3 10,610

Level 80-99: Magic Longbows

The final stretch, from level 80 to 99, is achieved by continuously crafting magic longbows. A test of endurance and dedication, this is where you truly perfect your Fletching skill.

Item Level Required XP Gained Logs Needed
Magic Longbow (u) 85 91.5 198,775

Quick Leveling: Efficient Fletching Practices

If you’re eager to speed up your Fletching progression, here are a few strategies that can assist in your journey.

Capitalizing on Quests

Several quests in OSRS offer handsome Fletching experience as a reward. These quests include ‘Big Chompy Bird Hunting,’ ‘Zogre Flesh Eaters,’ and ‘Fremennik Trials.’ Completing these quests not only provides a welcome break from the usual grind but also propels you forward in your Fletching journey.

Skill Combinations

Fletching pairs excellently with other skills such as Woodcutting and Combat. Woodcutting supplies the logs needed for Fletching, and as a result, these two skills can be leveled up side by side. In addition, fletched items can be used in Combat, thereby providing a practical application for your craft.

The Benefits of Mastering Fletching

Fletching isn’t just about crafting arrows and bows. Mastering this skill can provide numerous benefits that significantly enhance your OSRS experience.

Generating Profit

One of the prime benefits of Fletching is the potential to generate substantial in-game profit. Selling your crafted bows and arrows in the Grand Exchange can yield significant returns, especially when dealing with yew and magic items.

Access to High-Quality Gear

As a skilled fletcher, you gain the ability to craft high-tier ranged gear. This can be immensely beneficial for both personal use and trade, making you a formidable player in both combat and the marketplace.

Enhancing Game Experience

Lastly, Fletching brings about a richer, more immersive OSRS experience. The sense of accomplishment as you progress, coupled with the tangible benefits, makes Fletching a skill worth pursuing.


The journey from a fledgling fletcher to a master is filled with persistent effort, valuable resources, and significant experience gain. The world of OSRS Fletching is vast, engrossing, and rewarding, offering an engaging journey to those willing to delve deep. As you master this skill, remember: every great achievement begins with a single arrow shaft. Embark on your journey today, and may your quiver always be full. Happy Fletching!

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