Old School RuneScape Woodcutting Guide

Delving into the minutiae of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), this comprehensive guide will unfold the crucial aspects associated with the art of woodcutting. Special emphasis will be laid on the fastest methods to hone this skill, promising you an optimal gaming experience. Nevertheless, we won’t forget to underline some powerful alternatives that could well suit your style.

The Essential Tool: Your Axe

In the world of OSRS, your axe stands as the paramount tool for woodcutting. Interestingly, the kind of axe you employ can markedly influence your experience rates. Much like other skills that revolve around resource collection, woodcutting too boasts its unique set of experience-enhancing tools.

Choose Your Axe Wisely

When engaging in woodcutting, it’s a strategic move to always use the highest tier axe accessible to you. Be aware, you don’t necessarily require the attack level for using the axe – this is only for equipping them. Remarkably, you can utilise the axe straight from your inventory without requiring any attack level.

The Dragon Axe is endowed with a special attack that can surge your woodcutting level by three. If you’re not banking logs, the Infernal Axe proves beneficial as it can incinerate a third of the logs you cut, providing passive firemaking experience.

Nevertheless, amongst all axes, the Crystal Axe stands supreme. It significantly boosts experience rates and is therefore recommended whenever possible. However, be conscious of its crystal shard usage – you can cultivate crystal shard trees to keep your axe usage effective with nearly zero time loss.

Boosting Experience with the Lumberjack Outfit

The Lumberjack Outfit, an experience-enhancing attire set, can be secured from the Temple Trekking minigame. Wearing the complete set augments woodcutting experience by a substantial 2.5%. The set is comparatively quick to acquire, with an average time of about an hour, making it a beneficial acquisition if you’re aiming for level 99. The time saved is significant and is definitely worth the investment.

Quick March to Level 99: An Efficient Woodcutting Path

Let’s delve into the most efficient methods to achieve level 99 in OSRS woodcutting. Following these methods guarantees significant time savings, which can be put to better use, such as pursuing high-level money-making activities.

Regular Trees: Level 1-15

The quickest path to woodcutting proficiency from level 1 to 15 is to focus on regular trees. Every log gifts you 25 woodcutting experience, with an hourly rate of 10-15k experience. Lumbridge and the vicinity of the Grand Exchange are optimal locations for chopping regular trees. Remember to routinely upgrade your Axe as you ascend the levels from Iron to Steel, Black, and Mithril.

Oak Trees: Level 15-35

As you progress from level 15 to 35, Oak Trees provide the fastest woodcutting experience. Every log furnishes you with a 37.5 experience rate, translating into roughly 40k experience per hour. Oak Trees can be conveniently found near regular trees at both Lumbridge and the Grand Exchange. Achieving these levels is a swift journey, likely taking no more than 45 minutes.

Teak Trees: Level 35-99

Your ticket to the swiftest woodcutting experience in Old School RuneScape lies in cutting Teak Trees, particularly when employing tick manipulation techniques. Without these techniques, Teak Trees offer the fastest experience until level 65, after which it’s advisable to switch to cutting Sulliusceps.

1.5-Tick Woodcutting: The Speedy Approach

Embracing 1.5-tick woodcutting, specifically for the teak trees nestled on Fossil Island, paves the way to the fastest and most efficient journey towards achieving level 99 in woodcutting.

This method unfolds by arranging a 3-tick cycle using swamp tar on a clean herb, alternating tiles near a teak tree patch, and cutting the tree. Intriguingly, this technique provides the opportunity to receive two logs simultaneously.

While this method demands high click intensity, at level 99, over 220k experience per hour can be harnessed efficiently.

2-Tick Woodcutting: The Balance of Speed and Intensity

A method less taxing on your clicking speed, known as 2-tick woodcutting, can still deliver competitive experience rates exceeding 180k per hour.

This approach is orchestrated by the player being attacked every two ticks and clicking back onto the tree. Ape Atoll, with its dual birds and enabled auto-retaliate, is a favored location for this method. Alternatively, Prifddinas, if unlocked, also serves as a suitable location, boasting an added advantage of a poison-free environment unlike Ape Atoll.

Alternative Woodcutting Techniques for Diverse Scenarios

Blisterwood Tree: Level 62-90

Post partial completion of the Sins of the Father quest, players gain access to the Blisterwood Tree in Darkmeyer. Prior to reaching level 90, one can expect experience rates of approximately 65,000 per hour, a value that rivals teak trees when not employing tick manipulation.

Notably, chopping Blisterwood trees is celebrated for its ‘easy-to-afk’ attribute, requiring minimal effort. The tree never depletes, though occasional re-interaction with the tree is necessary when the player halts chopping. Each log offers 76 experience, with most players choosing to discard the logs once cut.

Sulliuscep Woodcutting: Level 65-99

For the most efficient woodcutting experience per hour without using tick manipulation, the Sulliuscep method takes the crown. Players must adhere to a specific route, detailed in our OSRS Sulliuscep guide, to enhance their overall efficiency and bolster experience rates. At level 99, players can expect an astounding 110,000 woodcutting experience per hour, or around 65,000 per hour at level 65.

Redwood Trees: Level 90-99

For players beyond level 90, Redwood Trees stand as a popular choice for woodcutting training. However, access to the Woodcutting Guild is mandatory for chopping these trees, necessitating at least 75% Hosidius Favor.

Redwoods promise some of the most afk-friendly experience in the entire game, with experience rates hovering around 55-60k per hour at level 90, and climbing to approximately 65k at level 99. Although it’s more efficient to simply drop the logs due to their low value, many players choose to carry a knife and fletch them into stackable arrow shafts for a significantly less effort-intensive approach – a key allure when it comes to Redwoods.


  • Quests for Woodcutting Experience Enlightened Journey – 1,500 Experience
  • Recipe for Disaster (Skrach Uglogwee subquest) – 1,500 Experience
  • Heroes’ Quest – 1,575 Experience Monk’s Friend – 2,000 Experience
  • Animal Magnetism – 2,500 Experience
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie – 2,500 Experience
  • The Fremennik Trials – 2,812 Experience
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper – 4,000 Experience
  • The Fremennik Isles – 10,000 Experience
  • Grim Tales – 14,000 Experience Song of the Elves – 20,000 Experience

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