Old School RunScape Hunter Guide

When honing your skills as a Hunter, it’s essential to understand that the bulk of your progress will be a result of trapping diverse species of beasts and monsters. With every milestone of 20 levels achieved, up to a ceiling of level 80, an intriguing advantage unfolds – the capacity to employ an additional trap simultaneously. Notably, the wilderness presents an enticing prospect, allowing the placement of one extra concurrent trap in contrast to the allowance outside these untamed lands. An informative chart below succinctly illustrates the number of traps you can deploy at any given moment.

Accelerated Mastery in OSRS Hunter Experience: Level 1-99

The Hunter profession in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is both a swift and potentially lucrative discipline to master. This comprehensive guide shines a spotlight on the most efficient strategies to power-level this skill to 99.

Delving into Natural History: Level 1-9 Hunter

Commence your journey by paying a visit to Orlando Smith, comfortably located in the basement of the Varrock Museum, and engage yourself in the enlightening Natural History Quiz. The completion of this quiz is a swift affair and reaps a handsome reward of 1,000 experience points for the participant.

Capturing Feldip Weasels: Level 7-15

Between levels 7 and 15, Feldip Weasels emerge as the fastest path to experience. A noose wand is essential for their capture, and utilizing a ring of pursuit significantly boosts the experience points gained per hour. The Feldip Weasels inhabit the Feldip Hunter area, situated south of the city of Yanille.

For the quickest commute, utilise the fairy ring with the code A-K-S and proceed southwest. You’ll discover two search-worthy burrows nestled near the central zone of this area.

Ruby Harvests & Copper Longtails: Level 15-29

Upon reaching levels 15 to 29, the prime hunting targets for expeditious Hunter experience rates are Ruby Harvests and Copper Longtails. Equip yourself with a couple of bird snares, an assortment of butterfly jars, a butterfly net, and a stamina potion. Simultaneously, set up your bird snares to trap Copper Longtails and employ your net and jars to capture Ruby Harvests. This strategy yields experience rates around 17,500 per hour.

To reach the hunting ground, either utilise a Piscatoris teleport or proceed south of the fairy ring with code A-K-Q.

Pursuit of Swamp Lizards: Level 29-43

Swamp Lizards become the premier source of experience between levels 29 and 43, with hourly experience rates starting around 25k and escalating to 35,000 upon the usage of three traps. Therefore, it’s advisable to carry along hunter potions to enhance the hunter level for three traps as early as level 37.

The Swamp Lizards thrive in the Canifis hunter area, accessible via the fairy ring A-L-Q and a brief journey southwest. To optimize your trapping success, bring along stamina potions and weight-reducing gear to maintain run energy. Each trap for these elusive creatures necessitates a rope and small fishing net.

Falconry Technique Mastery: Levels 43-60

During the journey from level 43 to 60, Spotted Kebbits provide the fastest experience from 43 to 57, and Dark Kebbits take over from levels 57 to 60. At level 43, you can expect experience rates of 60,000 per hour, which surge to around 75,000 at level 57.

You’ll require the Falconry technique to capture these agile creatures. The Falconry area is situated in Piscatoris, and for a modest fee of 500 coins, you can rent a Gyr Falcon. A simple click on the relevant Kebbit sets the falcon in motion to attempt a capture.

Entrapment of Red Salamanders: Levels 60-67

In the progression from hunter levels 60 to 67 within OSRS, the capture of Red Salamanders emerges as the most efficient pathway to accelerated experience rates, providing an impressive yield of around 80,000 to 100,000 experience points per hour.

Necessary trapping equipment includes a fishing net and rope, with a surplus of five each being advantageous, enabling you to reset the trap instantly prior to gathering the collapsed one. The hunting grounds for these creatures are located near the Ourania Altar. You can easily reach this location via the Ourania teleport or by paying a visit to the Khazard Battlefield spirit tree and heading west.

The Black Salamander Hunt: Levels 67-73

Your best bet for rapid experience accumulation from levels 67 to 73 is through the trapping of Black Salamanders, with the average experience rates striking around 120,000 per hour.

The exclusive habitat of Black Salamanders is the Wilderness, specifically at the Boneyard Hunter area. To get there, utilize the burning amulet to teleport to the Chaos Temple and embark on a northeast trek. The Wilderness affords the possibility of using an additional trap (5 traps at level 60), so it’s advisable to bring a minimum of five ropes and small fishing nets.

Trapping Black Chinchompas: Level 73-99

The pinnacle of speed in terms of experience gain in the game, from level 73 onwards, is achieved through the capture of Black Chinchompas. Experience rates start around 145k per hour at level 73, reaching 185k at level 80 and soaring to 220k at level 99 (without resorting to tick manipulation). The application of tick manipulation can boost the rates as high as 285k per hour at level 99.

In addition to their experience bounty, Black Chinchompas are also extremely profitable. To reach level 99 from level 73, you would need to accumulate 38,228 black chinchins, generating profits well in excess of 100 million.

Laying box traps for Chinchompas necessitates the completion of the Eagle’s Peak quest. The hunting area for Black Chinchompas is nestled in level 32-36 Wilderness. Access can be gained via a Wilderness Obelisk to level 35, a Revenant cave teleport and a run to the south, or alternatively, by using the Waka Canoe from the northeastern corner of Edgeville, just north of the fairy ring (requires level 57 in the woodcutting skill).

Alternative Hunter Training Methods

Realistically, not everyone may desire to employ the quickest methods highlighted in this Hunter guide. Whether for personal reasons or aversion to training within wilderness areas, you may be seeking alternative strategies. Below, we’ve detailed some of the most viable alternative hunter methods, encompassing profitable, low-intensity, and dual or multi-skill training techniques.

Avian Encounters – Bird House Traps: Levels 5-99

The method of Bird House runs offers a unique Hunter training experience, mirroring the pattern of farming skill training. As a player, you will install a bird house trap on Fossil Island and, after a waiting period of 50 minutes, return to collect the spoils and gain experience.

This approach requires access to Fossil Island, meaning the Bone Voyage quest should be completed. Additionally, a total of four bird house trap locations can be utilized for this method.

The Art of Herbiboars: Levels 80-99

As an alternative training method, hunting Herbiboars presents a dynamic, engaging way to accrue experience, allowing the simultaneous training of Hunter and Herblore skills. This method is available from level 80 and onwards.

Herbiboars can be found on Fossil Island. It is recommended to use stamina potions, weight-reducing equipment, and agility potions (if you have a lower Agility level) to optimize your hunting efficiency. You can expect to gain approximately 150k experience per hour with this method, in addition to a healthy boost to your Herblore experience.

The Skillful Chase of Implings: Levels 83-99

Catching Implings offers an exciting and potentially very profitable alternative for players with a Hunter level of 83 or above. Found in Puro-Puro and throughout Gielinor, Implings can provide a wide variety of valuable items.

The magical net and jars are your essential tools for catching Implings, available for purchase in Puro-Puro. The eclectic variety of loot obtainable from Implings, particularly the rarer varieties, can significantly bolster your bank value while also delivering a steady stream of Hunter experience.

It’s important to note that catching Implings in Puro-Puro and in Gielinor offer different experience rates. Players can expect to gain about 100k experience per hour within Puro-Puro, and significantly more when hunting in Gielinor, depending on the types of Implings caught and the efficiency of the player.

In conclusion, the Hunter skill offers a wealth of varied training options to cater to the tastes and goals of every player, from the thrill-seeking Wilderness hunters to those preferring a relaxed pace, there’s a path for everyone to reach that coveted level 99.

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