OSRS Beginners Guide Chapter 2 – Leaving Lumbridge

Completing the Stronghold of Security

Your first challenge is ready: tackling the Stronghold of Security. As long as I can recall playing this game, it’s been an early-game necessity for every new account. The Stronghold of Security comprises four levels, each housing different aggressive monsters. You must traverse to the other side by opening doors and correctly answering questions. Each level ends with a chest that grants a sum of money. Once you complete all the levels, you’ll have 10,000GP (10K) starter cash.

The Stronghold of Security is brimming with monsters that can kill you, so bringing your best armor and food is crucial!

This means you should equip all the gear you received from Jon the Adventurer: Steel Med-helm, Mithril chainbody, iron platelegs.and bring your best food: cooked salmon or trout.

Authenticator set up? Okay, let’s get started!

Prepare your inventory, then head to the Lumbridge graveyard and speak with Count Check.

Inquire, Where can I learn more? and he will inform you about the Stronghold of Security located in the Barbarian Village. He will then ask if you want to be teleported there. If you’re ready, accept.

You’ll find yourself in the center of the Barbarian Village. Here, climb down the rocks next to you to enter the Stronghold of Security.

Level 1: War

Each level features a small maze (very simple) you must navigate through, which houses monsters that might attack you. Be cautious and ensure you have food with you. You’ll have to correctly answer a question at each door you pass. These questions, focused on account security, are straightforward.

Once you reach the end room, you can claim your gift in the center. After that, proceed to the next level!

Level 2: Famine

The same as the first level, navigate through the maze, beware of the monsters, and answer the security questions at each door. At the end, you’ll be able to claim another gift before moving on to the next level.

Level 3: Pestilence

The third level follows the same pattern as the previous ones. Beware of even stronger monsters and keep answering those questions correctly to claim your gift.

Level 4: Death (optional)

The last level is completely optional. It won’t grant any monetary rewards, but you will receive a new pair of boots.

Once you’re done, climb up the vine, and you’ll find yourself back in the Barbarian village.

The Grand Exchange

The next step after the Stronghold of Security is the Grand Exchange, located northeast of the Barbarian Village.

The Grand Exchange is where the vast majority of trading in OSRS happens. It simplifies trading by connecting you with a buyer or seller also playing the game. You can buy any item from the Grand Exchange (except for untradeables) and sell your own items too.

What to Buy at the Grand Exchange

Upon reaching the Grand Exchange, you might be unsure of what to purchase. After all, there’s so much you might need! Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Mithril Armour set (this will provide you with full-mithril armor which you can equip at level 20 defense)

Mithril/Adamant Scimitar (scimitars are the best weapons for training melee combat)

Quest Items (most items needed for quests can be bought from the Grand Exchange)

Making Money at the Grand Exchange

As mentioned earlier in the Beginner Guide, we recommended getting to 15 Woodcutting, which unlocks Oak Trees. Now is when that bit of effort pays off! There are several Oak Trees around the Grand Exchange which you can chop down.

You can sell these logs at the Grand Exchange for around 65-70gp per log. Chopping Oak Trees is pretty fast!

A full inventory is worth 1,926 GP!

At level 15 Woodcutting, it took me about 4 minutes and 28 seconds to get a full inventory of Oak Logs.

After about three inventories, you’ll reach 21+ Woodcutting, at which point you should buy a mithril axe from the Grand Exchange to speed up your chopping even more!

In around 15 minutes total, I filled four inventories of Oak Logs and sold them at the Grand Exchange for 7,590 GP. That’s about 30K GP per hour! At higher Woodcutting levels, you can earn up to 70K GP per hour from chopping Oak Trees.

You can use this method to earn extra money to buy armor, weapons, skilling items, quest items, and more!

Whenever you’re short on money, turn to this method.


Just east of the Grand Exchange is a city named Varrock. Varrock is one of the first cities any new OSRS player will encounter, and it always brings a magical experience. The city offers many new skilling opportunities, new quests, numerous shops to buy new gear, and more! Being right next to the Grand Exchange, Varrock is likely to become your new main hub for a while. So, what should you do while you’re here?

Buy Magic Gear in Varrock

If you’re in need of runes, you can buy them cheaply from Aubury in Varrock. His magic shop is located southeast and is marked with a fire icon on the map.

Fly Fishing in Barbarian Village

After your adventures in Varrock, you can continue Fly Fishing in the Barbarian Village. This location has a permanent fire where you can cook your fish, making it a superior fishing spot compared to Lumbridge. Afterwards, you can deposit your cooked fish in the Varrock Bank for future use.

Mining in Varrock

The mining spots in Varrock have Iron Ore, which you can start mining from level 15. You can either sell these for a profit or smelt them into Iron Bars.

OSRS Beginners Guide Chapter 3 – Dragon Slayer

In this final chapter, we will prepare you for the first real goal of any OSRS player: facing Elvarg and becoming a Dragon Slayer.

The Dragon Slayer quest is the final quest in the F2P quest line and requires 32 Quest Points. To start it, you need to have completed all the other F2P quests first.

While this quest has no specific skill requirements, you will need a high combat level and decent combat stats to beat the Level 83 Dragon as well as other monsters that you will encounter during the quest.

Completing F2P Quests

Free-to-play quests, with the exception of Dragon Slayer, don’t have any skill or quest requirements. So in theory, you could complete them in any order that you prefer.

For your convenience, here is an F2P quest order. You can also use the OSRS wiki to follow their optimal guide. However, we don’t recommend focusing too hard on efficiency when you’re just starting out.

P.S. If you get stuck on any of these quests (e.g. finding a partner for Shield of Arrav), feel free to skip them. This quest order will give you a total of 42 Quest Points.

Magic Training

During the quest, you need to have access to Telekinetic Grab which requires 33 Magic. You can bypass this by bringing 10,000 Gold Pieces but why would you do that when you could just as well train your Magic, which is a very fast skill and useful in the future!

From levels 1 – 20 you should kill Goblins using the runes you get from Jon The Adventurer.

Afterwards, you can move on to the Lesser Demon in the Wizard’s Tower. The Lesser Demon inside the Wizard’s Tower is locked behind a cage and thus cannot attack you. This is THE best place to train magic as a low level F2P player.

You will visit the Wizard’s Tower during the quest Rune Mysteries. You should train using the Fire Strike spell while having a fire staff equipped. Once you run out of mind or air runes, purchase some more from Aubury in Varrock.

Combat Training

Al Kharid Warriors

Training combat on Al Kharid Warriors is one of the best ways to quickly gain Attack, Strength, and Defence levels. This is because if you attack one of the Al Kharid Warriors, the others will try to attack you as well. So if you have Auto-Retaliate turned on, your character will kill them one-by-one. This way, you can train your combat skills effectively and efficiently.

Optional: Prayer Training

Prayer can be very helpful if Elvarg proves to be too challenging for you. At level 37 Prayer, the Protect from Magic prayer will limit the amount of damage that Elvarg can inflict on you.

However, Prayer is a bit laborious to level in Free-to-play. If you have already purchased a membership, you should follow our OSRS Prayer Guide for the best way to level prayer as a member.

If you’re still a F2P player (which is completely fine), you’ll have to train prayer the slow way (or you can avoid it until you become a member but it will make the Elvarg fight a bit harder, though not impossible).

The best way to train prayer as a F2P player is to bury big bones. You will receive big bones from fighting Hill Giants (lvl 28) or Giant Frogs (lvl 13). Giant Frogs are of course preferred as they are lower level and easier to defeat.

While you’re killing Giant Frogs (or Hill Giants), you’ll also train your combat skills, so it’s a bit of a win-win.

Killing Giant Frogs


20+ Attack

20+ Strength

20+ Defence

Giant Frogs are level 13 and they’re located in the Lumbridge Swamp. To get there easily, teleport to Lumbridge first using your home teleport and then make your way to the swamp by going through the graveyard.

Kill the Giant Frogs, pick up their big bones and bury them right away. Rinse and Repeat! No need to go to the bank unless you run out of food.

TIP: Take this combat training slow. It will take a while to get 37 Prayer. Do some quests and train some skills to change things up every now and then.

Completing Dragon Slayer

Once you have 32 Quest Points, 33 Magic, 37 Prayer (optional), and 40+ Attack/Strength/Defence, you are ready to take on Elvarg the dragon, and complete the Dragon Slayer quest!

Elvarg is not easy to beat so you are best off wearing good armour (rune or adamant) and bringing the best food (cooked swordfish). Since dragons are weak to stab weapons, the Rune Sword is the best weapon you can use.

This is the final goal of our OSRS Beginners Guide. Once you beat the dragon, you are officially no longer a beginner! At this point, you might also want to consider getting a membership to unlock all the extra content this game has to offer.

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