Theatre of Blood: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Also recognized as ToB, the Theatre of Blood stands as the second raid in Oldschool Runescape. Unlike the Chambers of Xeric (CoX) or the ToA, ToB’s progression is linear. Thus, the completion of the same room format is paramount for achieving the coveted reward at the end. Primarily targeted at novices, this guide aims to furnish you with the essential knowledge needed to gain your first completion.

Gear Setup for ToB: Learner’s Essentials

For neophytes taking on ToB, it’s advisable to minimize the number of gear switches needed. This is where elite void proves its worth. The crossbow, utilized during Verzik’s Web phase, comes in handy if you struggle with running webs correctly.

As you garner more experience, you may eventually discard the crossbow, and shift your focus onto improving your melee gear. Upgrading to bandos/torva and transitioning from whip to scythe are prime examples of this. To expedite your progression, you may opt to purchase OSRS gold from reliable sellers like PlayerAuctions.

Advanced Gear Setups for ToB

Herein, we will delve into the advanced gear setups for ToB. It’s prudent to familiarize yourself with all the rooms before transitioning to these setups, usually after approximately 100+ Kill Count. Each setup is designed for a 4-person team, focusing on 4 key roles. For Trio setups, you may eliminate the Melee Freeze setup, with other elements remaining unchanged.

Mage Setup

  • Runes in Pouch: Death, Soul, and Blood.
  • As you become more comfortable, consider adding an ancestral hat as your first additional switch.
  • Refrain from prepotting with an imbued heart. Reserve it for the onset of Nylocas, as your mage level doesn’t affect max hits on barrages for Maiden.

Melee Freeze Setup

  • Runes in Pouch: Death, Soul, and Blood.
  • Similar to the mage setup, avoid prepotting with the imbued heart.
  • During the Nylocas waves, camp ancestral bottoms to simplify switching. Ensure your ham joint or swift blade is set to aggressive.

Range DPS Setup

  • Runes in pouch: Death, Astral, Mud
  • Include 20 – 25 black chins for each raid. Always replenish your stock after each raid.
  • Purchase stamina pot after Bloat and Sotetseg.
  • Share range and stamina pots before Nylocas waves.
  • Share a second range pot before the Nylocas boss spawns (after waves).
  • Share a second stamina pot at p3 verzik for the web phase.
  • Kill the purple crab with a blowpipe during p2 verzik.
  • If comfortable with supplies, consider adding thralls.

Melee DPS Setup

  • Runes in pouch: Death, Astral, Lava
  • Camp torva legs for Nylocas waves. Keep your swift blade or ham joint on aggressive.
  • Kill the purple crab on your side during p2 Verzik.
  • Withdraw blood runes from sang staff if needed for additional space.

Maiden’s Strategy

Maiden targets the closest player every 10 ticks with a magic-based attack. She can also drain your stats with her attacks. The affected stats depend on your highest attack bonus. Maiden can also throw blood instead of using magic, targeting all players in the room on the tile they’re standing on. If a player stands on blood, they’ll take damage and lose prayer every tick, which concurrently heals Maiden.

When Maiden’s health drops to 70%, 50% and 30%, spiders will spawn on the north and south sides of the room. They will walk to Maiden, and if they reach her, they will heal her for twice their remaining HP. This process escalates Maiden’s max hit and the probability of Blood Spawn appearances.

Maiden Takedown Strategy

Before confronting Maiden, leave 2 brews outside her arena. One is needed to make space for your avernic (or dragon) defender when you switch to range, while the other enables you to remove your prims after speccing (as they have negative range/magic attack bonuses and you won’t need melee for the remainder of the encounter).

You need to assign Freezing Roles: N123(4), S124 Tank, and the rest to DPS.

Enter the arena with Protect from Magic and immediately use DWH/BGS to spec Maiden twice. If using BGS, wait for all DWH specs before making your move. Switch to range gear, remove prims, and target Maiden. If Maiden throws blood, ensure you move at least 1-2 tiles to dodge. Should she hurl additional blood, move 3-4 tiles. In case Blood Spawns appear, use Ice Barrage and then annihilate them with the blowpipe. Keeping the room clear of Blood Spawns is crucial.

Prior to the Spider spawns, Freezers pre-switch and wait for DPSers to trigger the spawn. After Spiders spawn, DPS roles should target N1/N2/S1 with blowpipes and then refocus on Maiden.

Battle Strategy for Bloat

Bloat circulates around the central pillar in the room and can change directions. If you are within his sight, he will unleash flies at you. After some time, Bloat falls asleep, but when he wakes up, he stomps the ground, causing significant damage to any player within sight. Once Bloat’s health falls below 90%, body parts start dropping from the ceiling. Once his health is below 60%, Bloat has the capacity to run rather than walk.

Subduing Bloat

Before entering Bloat’s chamber, equip your salve (e) and drop a brew to make room for your spec weapon. Supercombat after entering. When Bloat is on the opposite side of the pillar, it’s safe to enter the room. Activate Protect from Range and position yourself against the pillar. While Bloat is mobile, stay against the pillar on his opposite side. When Bloat rests, strike with melee.

If you don’t possess claws, use a chally spec as the final hit on Bloat instead of your whip/scythe. Use the chally spec solely for the last hit.

During Bloat’s Stomp attack, maintain a minimum distance of 5 tiles from him and stay around a corner of the pillar to avoid getting hit. If you have claws, equip them after Bloat’s first sleep phase. When Bloat next rests, commence with 2x dragon claw spec. The rationale behind this strategy is if Bloat’s HP is >60%, he will always walk.

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