Ultimate Guide to Mining Efficiency in Old School Runescape

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the multifaceted realm of mining in Old School Runescape, presenting you with tips and techniques designed to help you maximise efficiency. Firstly, we’ll explore the rapid path to level 99, followed by a review of alternative, slower-paced strategies for those who prefer the scenic route.

Essential Mining Gear: Pickaxes

Pickaxes are your solitary tool when embarking on your mining journey. Despite needing a matching attack level to wield them, they can still be utilised for mining from within your inventory, even if the requisite attack level is lacking. It’s invariably recommended to use the most advanced pickaxe at your disposal for accelerated experience gains.

Certain mining activities, such as blood runecrafting that guarantees a 100% success rate, allow the use of the lightweight black pickaxe. On the other hand, the crystal pickaxe, which necessitates an additional 50 agility points, requires periodic charging with crystal shards. Fear not, these shards can be conveniently gathered by planting crystal trees, a virtually effortless method of generation.

Experience Enhancement: The Prospector Kit

The Prospector Kit is a specialized equipment set designed to augment your mining experience, potentially boosting it by 2.5%. Exclusive to the Motherlode Mine activity, it requires 180 golden nuggets for acquisition. While it may not yield substantial benefits if your sole aim is reaching 99 mining, it is a prerequisite for a master clue step and completion of the Falador hard diary. Hence, it could prove worthwhile in the long run, particularly if these objectives align with your future ambitions.

Accelerated Mining Progression

Outlined below is our recommended strategy for mining training, devised to enhance your skill as swiftly as possible, liberating more time for you to focus on other skills or lucrative activities like high-level PVM. Moreover, an elevated mining level is advantageous for high-level PVM, such as the Chambers of Xeric.

Questing Your Way to Level 37

Early stages of mining can be expedited via quest completion. The following quests yield a collective 27,525 mining experience:

  • Another Slice of H.A.M
  • Doric’s Quest
  • Plague City
  • The Dig Site
  • The Giant Dwarf
  • The Lost Tribe

Iron Ore Mining: Levels 15-45/70

From levels 15 to 45, mining iron ore offers the fastest experience gains. While granite becomes a more effective option from level 45 using tick manipulation methods, if you’re averse to employing these methods, it’s advisable to stick to mining iron until level 70.

Upon reaching level 60, the Mining Guild unlocks, which is the premier location for mining iron in OSRS, with ore respawn times halved. This eliminates the need for tick manipulation or awaiting rock respawn, if mined strategically.

Typical experience rates fluctuate between 45k-55k per hour pre-level 60, escalating to 70k-80k per hour in the Mining Guild.

Granite Mining: Levels 45-99

The Quarry in the Desert houses abundant Granite rocks. Utilising 3-tick granite mining can yield the fastest mining experience rates in OSRS. However, this method is labor-intensive, and without utilising 3-tick manipulation, its effectiveness dwindles, drastically reducing experience rates.

The most convenient route to the Quarry is via the Camulet teleport to Enkhra’s Temple, followed by a short southwest run. Completing the hard Desert Diary allows players to teleport directly to the entrance.

At the Quarry, the crystal pickaxe is not considered beneficial due to the employment of tick manipulation techniques. On the contrary, the Infernal Pickaxe may prove advantageous, as it minimizes the volume of ore that needs to be discarded. Alongside, wearing Varrock armour 2 during training can contribute to a modest surge in experience rates, courtesy of its 10% probability of mining double ores simultaneously.

Experience rates vary with proficient click performance. Expected rates are as follows:

  • Level 45: Around 60,000 – 70,000 experience per hour
  • Level 70: Expect 85,000 – 95,000 mining experience per hour
  • Level 85: Around 105,000 – 115,000 experience per hour
  • Level 99: Players can anticipate up to 130,000 experience per hour

Diverse Mining Approaches in OSRS

Outlined below are several robust alternative training methodologies for the Mining skill. These options are particularly interesting for those who favor lower-intensity, more AFK methods, or those keen on generating profits while training.

Shooting Stars: Level 10-99

Despite not being the fastest training approach, the shooting stars mining activity offers hourly experience rates peaking at about 20,000. However, untradeable stardust obtained from this activity can be swapped for additional untradeable rewards, including the Celestial ring and star fragments, useful for cosmetic upgrades to the Prospector’s kit. If these rewards align with your interests, this method may be worth incorporating in your journey to level 99.

Motherlode Mine: Levels 30-99

The Motherlode Mine provides a slower pace of gaining experience but offers a very low-intensity training method that can also yield some profit. Experience rates average around 30k per hour at level 70, ramping up to 42k at level 85 and 53k at level 99. It’s advisable to save your golden nuggets to unlock the Prospector kit, which adds an extra 2.5% mining experience.

Mining Gem Rocks: Levels 52-99

Gem Rock mining provides a profitable substitute to granite. Like granite, the application of tick manipulation is crucial to maximizing your experience rates here. However, to gain access to the underground gem rock mine in Shilo Village, completion of the Karamja hard diary is required.

Volcanic Mine: Levels 70-99

The Volcanic Mine, an OSRS minigame located on Fossil Island, provides one of the best experiences for mining when tick manipulation methods are not in use. However, this requires a team, hence the use of the official world is advisable. It also demands a relatively high set of prerequisites compared to other methods, including level 70 Mining, the completion of the Bone Voyage quest, 150 Kudos, and aiding Peter in the full construction of the Museum Camp.

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